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Brief History

Eclipse figure skating blades use 1075 high carbon steel and feature full silver welds.  The silver welds give these blades strength and the heat tempering gives their edges long life.  Eclipse Blades also offer a 60 day money back guarantee.  Match your Riedell boots with a blade designed and MADE in the USA by Riedell.

The Eclipse Titanium blades are a lightweight blade made with a titanium chassis and stainless steel runner.  The advantage of these blades is that they do not require a special jig for sharpening like other lightweight blades.

Skaters Who Wear Eclipse Blades

Kiri Baga - Eclipse Infinity
Brandon Frazier

Shannon Brakke - Eclipse Infinity

Gia Kokotakis - Eclipse Mist

Hailey Blodgett - Eclipse Mist

Ben Mulder - Eclipse Dance

Eclipse Figure Skate Blades