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GAM Skate Size Chart


Please read our How-To Measure Guide

Measurements are very important. Use these charts to find your size in Jackson ice skates. We have provided the measurements shown below to assist you in finding your correct size in a GAM figure skate.  However, Ice Skates & Blades is not responsible for skates that have been sized incorrectly. These measurements should not be used for any other brand of figure or ice skate.

GAM sizes their skates for a snug and competitive fit.  The GAM Sizing Chart is geared toward the competitive fit and reflect the insole length. This means that the toe will be slightly touching the inside of the boot.   If you do not like this type of fit and would like to have extra wiggle room or growth room in the skates, then add 1/4” to your foot measurement.

We strongly recommend that you have another person read the tape measure for you as the measurements are fairly exact.  We will be happy to help you with sizing.  If you have any questions or are unsure about your sizing, please feel free to e-mail us a iceskatesnblades@kinziescloset.com.

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