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GAM Figure Skates & Boots

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The GAM Fit

GAM Skates are one of the top boots of choice in Canada.  They are similar to Jackson but made in the traditional style with full natural leather uppers and soles. This brand has a wider toe box and is higher in the arch vertically.  It is a good choice for those who have several toes the same length as the big toe, a medium/high to high arch and medium to narrow heel.  This brand is also a good selection for those who have a combo width foot (wide ball and a more narrow heel).

Skaters Who Wear GAM

Jeremy Ten - GAM Silver Label
Karen Chen - GAM Podium
Marissa Castelli - GAM Silver Label
Ronald Lam - GAM Silver Label
Nam Nguyen
Rika Inoda

Brief History

The GAM Figure Skate Boot got it's start in April 1989, when skate manufacturer, Daoust decided to end production of figure skates in order to concentrate on hockey products.  Long-term Daoust employees, François Legris and Pierre Fournier, decided to form a new company dedicated fully to the production of figure skates, GAMSPORTS Inc.  With a group of very experienced, specialized and passionate workers, they studied the need of the market, designed, produced and launched the new GAM line of figure skate boots. The new company borrowed technologies being used in the hockey industry and applied them to the GAM line, offering skaters improvements they had not seen before.  Both GAM Skates and its sister company, Jackson Skates, are both now owned by the Canadian conglomerate Tournament Sports