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The width measurements below are determined by measuring all the way around the ball of the foot, or the circumference.  If you have measured only the flat bottom part of your foot, then you will not be able to determine the width you need for your Jackson figure skate from the measurements provided in the Jackson Width Sizing Charts below.  If you need help with your width measurements, please read our Measuring Feet For Skatespage.  You can also email us with your sizing questions at iceskatesnblades@bellsouth.net.

Jackson Figure Skate Size Chart

Jackson also suggests that a high instep normally requires the next width wider than your measurement and flat feet normally require the next width narrower than your measurement.


Please read our How-To Measure Guide

You cannot determine the size of a Jackson figure skate by comparing it with your street shoe sizing.  In order to properly find your size in a Jackson figure skate, you must take measurements of your feet for length and width.  When measuring your feet for skates, we strongly recommend that you have another person read the tape measure for you as the measurements need to be fairly exact. Once your know your foot measurements, you can then use the Jackson Skate Sizing Charts to find your size in Jackson ice skates.  If you need help measuring your feet, please see our Measuring Feet for Skates page.

We have provided the Jackson Sizing Charts, shown below, to assist you in finding your correct size in a Jackson figure skate.  However, Kinzie's Closet is not responsible for skates that have been sized incorrectly due to improper foot length and width measurements.  The Jackson Sizing Charts are for Jackson skates only and should not be used for any other brand of figure or ice skate to determine skate size.

Jackson sizes their figure skates for a snug and competitive fit.  This sizing chart determines sizes with the competitive fit.  This means that the toe will be slightly touching the inside of the boot.  If you do not like this type of fit and would like to have extra wiggle room or growth room in the skates, then go a half size up.  Please note: We do not recommend figure skate sizes that are larger than 1/4" longer than your foot length measurements.  Figure skates that are too large can cause early break down and will not support the ankles and feet correctly.   We will be happy to help you with sizing if you are unsure about your measurements.  Please feel free to e-mail us at iceskatesnblades@kinziescloset.com with any questions you may have.

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