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The Riedell Fit

Riedell has several models to choose from and are popular among first time skaters.  They have a tapered toe box,  a medium instep, and a medium width heel.  This brand is a good choice for those who have tapered toes, a medium to flat arch and medium heel.   Many young skaters, including toddlers, have a wide foot.  Riedell has met this challenge by being the only brand that has a wide width option for their entry level/beginner skates.

Skaters Who Wear Riedell

Elena Radionova

Kurt Browning

Sean Rabbitt

Parker Pennington

Elena Radionova

 So Youn Park

Johnny Weir
Rachel Flatt
Hailey Blodgett
Jozef Sabovcik
Vincent Zhou

Brooklee Han

Brief History

Riedell skates was founded by Paul Riedell who has been inducted into both the ice skating and roller skating Hall of Fame.  For over 65 years they have been handcrafting their boots in Red Wing, Minnesota.