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Risport skates have been around a long time.  Risport figure skates are a good leather beginner skate for kids. The Risport Venus is a great beginner recreational skate for girls.  The Risport Venus comes with a blade attached.  The Risport Antares is a step up from the Risport Venus.  It has more support than the Venus and the Antares is a good beginner instructional skate.  The Risport Antares also comes with a blade attached. Risport ice skates were the number one choice for Russian skaters.  Risport figure skates, when paired with a good blade will provide the best equipment for your skater.  The beginner Risport ice skates have a plastic sole.  The more intermediate and upper level Risport Figure Skate boots have a leather cork sole or a lightweight sole.  The Risport RF3 is the number one Risport Skate.  The Risport RF3 will provide support for all single jumps, axel and beginner double jumps.  The Risport RF3 also is comfortable.  It has a rolled back collar that prevents ankle bite.  The Risport RF2 is a step up from the Risport RF3.  The RF2 will support all single and most double jumps.  However, the Risport RF2 has been replaced with the Risport RF3 Pro.  The redesigned Risport RF3 Pro has the support of the RF2 but the comfort of the Risport RF3.  The new Risport Royal Pro also has the comfort of the RF3, but decorative stitching to make it pretty.  The Risport Royal Pro will also support all single and beginning double jumps.  The Risport Royal Elite figure skate boots will support all single, double and triple jumps.  The Risport Royal Elite is more stiff in the tongue, but less stiff in the ankle for more lateral movement.  The Risport Royal Elite is support rated the same as the Risport RF1 and Risport RF1 Exclusive.  However, the Risport RF1 has more of the support in the ankle area.  The Risport RF1 and RF1 Exclusive figure skating boots also have a microfiber outer.  The Risport RF1 Exclusive has the plastic sole to make it more lightweight.

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Risport Figure Skates & Boots

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The Risport Fit

When you think of Risport figure skate boots, think of a fine Italian dress shoe...very high quality. Risports have a tapered toe box, a medium instep, and a medium width heel.  This brand is a good choice for those who have tapered toes, a medium arch and medium heel. 
Great for skaters who are transitioning from an Edea boot back to a traditional skate.

Skaters Who Wear Risport Figure Skate Boots

Yulia Lipnitskaya

Yu Na Kim
Mao Asada
Tatiana Volosozhar
Adelina Sotnikova
Takahiko Kozuka
Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev
Brian Joubert
Nelli Zhiganshina

Brief History

The Risport Figure Skating Boot was founded by Armando Rizzo in 1972 in Montebulluna, Treviso, Italy where they continue to handcraft premium figure skates.  Since 1808, this area has been home to some of the worlds finest shoemakers.  In 1995, Risport became part of the Lange Boot company, a leader in ski boot manufacturing. Risport is now a key division of Lange and the Rossignol Group and will continue to offer cutting edge technology and progressive solutions to serve the needs of the growing skating community.