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Brief History

Ultima Figure Skate Blades are manufactured with a proprietary process exclusive to Ultima. Their EXT technology produces a harder edge extending the life of the blades. They also provide a 30 day guarantee.

Ultima Matrix blades are made from lightweight aircraft aluminum and high grade stainless steel.  They are lighter than the traditional blade and need fewer sharpenings which makes them the top choice of figure skaters around the world.  

Skaters Who Wear Ultima Skate Blades

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva - Matrix Supreme
Evgeni Plushenko - Matrix Supreme

Guillaume Cizeron - Ultima Dance
Zachary Donohue - Ultima Dance
Eric Radford - Matrix Freestyle
Yuko Kavaguti - Matrix Supreme
Jason Brown - Matrix Supreme

Alexandr Petrov - Matrix Supreme
Nam Nguyen - Matrix Supreme
Maxim Koviun - Matrix Freestyle
Kanako Murakami - Utlima Freestyle

Maria Artemjeva - Matrix Supreme
Alena Leonova - Matrix Supreme
Karen Chen - Matrix Supreme
So Youn Park - Matrix

Ultima Figure Skate Blades